Organization Spotlight: RISE Egypt

About a year ago, an innovative organization dedicated to the support of social entrepreneurship in Egypt was established. RISE Egypt is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered in Massachusetts, U.S. As the future of Egypt, entrepreneurs at RISE are dedicated to address challenging issues like energy, waste, health, education and cultural preservation to help strengthen communities worldwide and create a better future for Egypt. Like AEYN, RISE Egypt is also committed to building a community of people who love Egypt and want to support the efforts of Egyptian entrepreneurs as they impact Egypt with their innovative solutions to the country’s biggest social and economical challenges.

By their first year anniversary, RISE Egypt has accomplished great and honorable achievements. They have conducted outreach Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.20.29 PMin 9 cities across North America and the Middle East, and also participated in policy discussions at some of the top universities in the country. RISE also sponsored a 3-week intensive acceleration program for winners of NEGMA’s Impact Egypt Social Innovation Competition to serve as a pilot for the first class of entrepreneurs that will take part in the RISE fellowship program.


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Lobna Ismail, President of Connecting Cultures and a Diaspora mentor during the pilot acceleration program stated, “To be amongst the Egyptian social entrepreneurs in pursuit of their passions and commitment to serve all Egyptians is UP-rising! I am refueled and determined that as an Egyptian-American we must invest in RISE that supports innovators that are committed to a better, stronger Egypt for all Egyptians.”Last June, RISE was able to successfully recruit and select an excellent inaugural class of RISE Entrepreneurs thus, officially launching their fellowship program.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.18.35 PMMany Egyptians have the optimism that there is a better future for Egypt and are always willing to give back to their community. Even though Egypt is facing a troubled time full of economical, political and social challenges, together as a strong community, we are able to tackle the challenges as we hold on to the hope that we are full of. As stated by RISE Egypt and as AEYN agrees, “We are inspired by what’s possible today, motivated by what’s needed for tomorrow, and united by a love for Egypt.”



Esraa Soliman

Esraa Soliman, Chapter Leader, NY