Chapter Leadership Guide

I. About AEYN

The American Egyptian Youth Network (AEYN) is a U.S.-based nonprofit, nonpartisan organization recently launched by first generation Egyptian-Americans. With almost three quarters of Egypt’s population under the age of 35, AEYN is driven by a profound awareness that Egypt’s future is ultimately tied to the fate of its youth. AEYN also appreciates the vital importance of cross-cultural dialogue and interaction in an increasingly interconnected world. In this spirit, AEYN seeks to build a community of Americans who care about Egypt’s future, foster dialogue about issues facing young Egyptians, and promote collaborations that support the advancement of Egyptian youth.

II. What Role Do Chapters Play?

AEYN is currently launching pilot chapters in Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., and Cairo. Chapter Leadership Teams of two to three individuals will work closely with AEYN’s Chapter Coordinator to establish a local AEYN presence and organize events and programs in their communities.

Chapters will play a crucial role in:

  • Recruiting and engaging AEYN members and developing partnerships with local organizations;
  • Contributing to AEYN’s blog, newsletter, and other social media outlets and submitting letters to the editor to local newspapers; and
  • Organizing educational, cultural, and social events to strengthen network ties and promote understanding and interaction between Americans and Egyptians.

III. What Do Chapter Leaders Do?

We encourage you to help found a chapter in your community by applying to become a Chapter Leader. Chapter Leadership Teams will help to:

  • Establish chapter presence in the community and recruit members;
  • Develop partnerships with local organizations;
  • Plan and execute chapter events and other programming;
  • Secure written contributions from members; and
  • Communicate chapter business, goals, and activities to AEYN National.

Chapter leaders should expect to commit an average of five hours per week and will be eligible to receive stipends upon the successful completion of milestones over the duration of their terms.

IV. How Does AEYN National Work with AEYN Chapters?

AEYN National will work with local chapters to:

  • Support member recruitment and partnership development efforts;
  • Assist in organizing chapter events and programs, including facilitating connections with high-level speakers;
  • Create platforms for dialogue through AEYN’s blog, newsletter, and other social media outlets; and
  • Provide financial support for qualified chapter activities.

V. How Can I Get Involved?

AEYN is actively seeking to establish local chapters and grow its membership. We invite you to:

Apply to become a Chapter Leader and help found an AEYN pilot chapter in your community.
Sign Up to learn about AEYN’s launch activities and how you can participate in AEYN’s efforts, both online and in your community.